How To Ship Artwork Smartly

Shipping great masterpieces across seas is a task that needs great care and protection. Any sort of minor damage makes it lose its value. Hence ensuring that they protected well when being shipped is important. Here are a few tips you could use if you are shipping your paintings;


This is an important part to be given a lot of priority. Selling paintings for a good price is hard and when you have eventually got the right client you need to make sure he or she receives the work in the same manner as it was on display on art gallery hanging tracks. Imagine after all the hard work you have done to not only create the masterpiece but to also market it and only to have the customer demand his money back! Devastating isn’t it! Hence making sure you have safely packed your artwork before being shipped is important. It will guarantee that you keep getting new customers while also enabling you to gain the compliment of great customer service, which is what any business aims to achieve in addition to the intention of earning profit.

Maintaining class

Anyone can dress up in expensive clothing but accessorizing and wearing it in the right and respectable manner would make it look classy rather than tacky!  This is somewhat of the same thing that applies in the artwork business as well. You can surely convince your customer about the worthy of it and how amazing it looks hung up on the display but if you aren’t able to maintain this same class for the work once it goes through with art hanging Vaucluse and reaches the client, then all your efforts are in vain. No one wants an amazing artwork piece wrapped up in newspaper or in a soggy cardboard box. You should be able to pack it up in class! While your inner package or artwork is something great your outer packaging too should be great and amazing enough to hint that whatever is inside is not something of low quality or style! Design a good packaging that will show class while also protecting the masterpiece that is inside.

Cost factor

While you need to ensure that your artwork is transported in ease and minimum damage, you also need to ensure that you stay within cost budgets in order to avoid spending excessively and overall reducing your gain from the deal. Try to negotiate and settle with best deals that will also guarantee that your delivery arrives safely to the door step of your client.

Consider the above and ship your work smartly and safely!