Pros And Cons Of Living In An Apartment

Apartments have become quite a preferable way of living for most. There are many advantages to living in an apartment compared to living in an house. Houses have always been the idea of home. Even a child would draw a house instead of an apartment when they are asked about a home. Apartments are quite recent compared to a house. Apartments were introduced because it is easier to accommodate more people into one building rather than giving everyone their own buildings. This enabled a larger number of population to live in a certain place.

Most metropolitan cities rarely have houses. Instead all you see is apartments. This is to solve a space problem. Apartments have become so popular nowadays. This may seem like an option that was taken to solve the space problem but many apartments built are luxury apartments with high end building materials and comfort. Further, many option included with apartments have also made living in an apartment attractive. Here’s a list of pros and cons of living in an apartment.


Less maintenance

There’s much less maintenance in an apartment. If anything is broken or damaged, the landlord would usually contact the maintenance man for the apartment. Everything is handled by an external party; therefore, you don’t have to worry. For example, if you need an emergency glass repair, you will have someone come right a way to fix it for you.

All Amenities

Apartments have amenities. This mean an apartment would have common rooms, fitness enters, sports room, laundry room and even a swimming pool to name a few. This makes living in an apartment very convenient and easy.


Due to the close proximity of neighbors, you are much safer. Some apartments even have security guards and cameras around. You don’t have to worry about door glass repair Armadale or reinforcement because you’re anyway at a safe place.



An apartment may be too small for some. Since there are many apartments in a building, they are generally small to give space. In this case, if you’re expecting a garden and a large living space, an apartment won’t be able to satisfy you.


Apartments are not known for privacy. Due to the close proximity of the people living next to you, there’s not much privacy. You can easily be heard and won’t be able play loud music or such and you will be able to hear your neighbors as well. If you value privacy very much, you may not be able to enjoy living in an apartment.


You may not be able to change the apartment as you wish. You will be limited to minor cosmetic changes. This is because it is dangerous to change the face of the apartment. It can affect the overall building stability and most landlords don’t allow this because it can change the look of the whole apartment complex as well.